Static General knowledge/current affairs/UPSC/SSC/NDA/RRB 11.05.2022

 Static General knowledge/current affairs/UPSC/SSC/NDA/RRB

* Question – Zojila Pass connects whom?

Answer – Kashmir and Tibet

* Question: Which mountain range separates Asia from Europe?

Answer – Ural mountain range

* Question – Where is the Sundarbans Delta located?

Answer – At the mouth of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers

* Question – Which soil is spread over the maximum area in India?

Answer – Alluvial soil

* Question – Which is the only active volcano located in the border of India?

Answer – Barren Island

* Question – Aral Sea is situated on the border of which two countries?

Answer – On the border of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

* Question – Which gas is the most prominent form of green house effect?

 Answer – Carbon dioxide

* Question – Where is the Naina Devi mountain peak located? Answer – In the Himalayan range of Kumaon region

* Question – On which river is Victoria Falls?

Answer – On the Zambezi River

* Question – On which river is the 'Kapil Dhara Fall' situated?

Answer – On Godavari river

* Question – On which river is the Pong Dam built?

Answer – On the Beas River

* Question- How many other states touch the border with Madhya Pradesh?

Answer – Five states

* Question – In which state is the Nathpa Jhakri Power Project?

 Answer – In Himachal Pradesh

Question – Which countries are on either side of the McMahon Line?

 Answer – India and China

Question – In which ocean the direction of ocean currents changes twice a year? Answer – In the Indian Ocean


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