General Knowledge Important Quiz / Current affairs 13 May 2022

 General Knowledge Important Quiz (18 Questions)

13 May 2022

01. In the spectrum of white light, which color is most deviated by the prism? north purple

2 . What is the refrigerant in the refrigerator? Answer – Freon

3. Which bacteria are helpful in making curd from milk? Answer – Lacto-bacillus

4. Dialysis is done when the organ is not functioning? Answer – Kidney

5.  What is the largest part of the human brain? Answer – Cerebrum

6. The blow caused by wielding a rifle is an example of protection of? Answer – Conservation of linear momentum

7.  Who is the first scientist to synthesize genes in the laboratory? Answer – Hargovind Khurana

8.  What is the reason for the absence of atmosphere on the Moon? Answer – There the root mean square velocity of all gases is greater than their escape velocity.

9.  Which unicellular algae is used for proper supply of food in space? Answer – Chlorella

10.  Natural rubber is a polymer of which? Answer – Isoprene

11.   What is the fourth state of matter called? Answer – Plasma

12.  Which instrument is used to measure the alternating current? Answer – From hot wire ammeter

13.  Which property of light waves gives evidence of their being transverse? Answer – From Polarisation

14.   Where is the center of gravity of a circular ring? Answer – At the center of the circle

15.  What is the pH value of human blood? Answer -7.4

16.  Carbon dating method is adopted to determine the age of? Answer – Fossils

17.  Which part of the body is particularly affected by excessive alcohol consumption? Answer – Liver

18.   Which organ does the work of blood bank in the body? Answer - fament (Spleen)


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