Daily Current Affairs : 02-10-2021



Daily Current Affairs : 02-10-2021 ⚡️

1. The Union Labor and Employment Minister Bhupendra Yadav has launched “Digi Saksham” in collaboration with which company?

Ans : Microsoft

2. US Space NASA is set to launch Lucy, the first spacecraft to study Trojan asteroids from which planet?

Ans : Jupiter

3. According to Hurun India, who has been ranked first in the list of the country's rich for the tenth consecutive year?

Ans : Mukesh Ambani

4. Which social media company has recently launched “Creator Education Program” in India?

Ans : Facebook

5. Which bank has been taken out of the Prompt Corrective Action Framework by the Reserve Bank of India recently after improving its financial and credit profile?

Ans : Indian Overseas Bank

6. AU Small Finance Bank has signed an agreement with NABARD to boost the ongoing rural development projects in which state?

Ans : Rajasthan

7. NABARD has approved a credit scheme for yak rearing in which state?

Ans : Arunachal Pradesh

8. Recently, how many scientists have been announced to be honored with Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize 2021?

Ans : 11 Scientists

9. India-based Dr. Rukmini Banerjee and which country-based professor Eric Hanushek have been honored with the 2021 Yidan Award?

Ans : America

10. How many new cases of corona have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours?

Ans : 43,263 Cases (338 Deaths)

11. Today (October 02) is being celebrated across the world as which day?

Ans : International Day of Nonviolence


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